Fire the Grid 7-17-07 7:11 am EDT

“On July 17, 2007 at 7:11am Eastern Daylight Time, there will be a
cosmic opening which will rain down incredible creative energy upon
the Earth. We wish to share this event with you and humbly request
your assistance in sharing our message with the world. This will take
but one hour of your time but will affect the rest of your life. It
is easy to participate. Simply discover that which brings you your
greatest joy, then meditate, pray, sing, love or dance with
appreciation and a grateful heart. Embrace the moment and be truly
thankful for that experience. This event will act as a catalyst to
begin a worldwide healing and then we will create a global movement
towards change.”

To watch a You Tube video about this go to:

To go to the website for more information about this, go to:

Please, please watch this video on YouTube or read Shelly Yates’
story on her website and you will see why it is important to FIRE