Finding an Off-Ramp for Your Habits

Photo by Adam Moss

Finding an Off-Ramp for Your Habits
by BlackLion

Have you ever found yourself cruising along, only to discover that a week has passed since you last thought about what you enjoy? Perhaps you have vague memories of whimsical moments or soul-full creativity. Here are a few ways to remind yourself to stop and smell the roses:

1. Start Right Now. Take a slow, deep breath, in and out. Let the natural rhythm of your breathing allow you to relax and be in this moment. Let go of what was or may be and focus your beautiful brilliance on the here and now. You can break any habit by first taking a moment. P.S. Really, stop and take a breath!

2. Make a List. Grab a notepad or open up a text document and create a list of all the aspects of your life that you like right now. Write down every little thing: your favorite tube socks, the color of your partner’s eyes, or the rich variety of all the beings around you. Now add ones you look forward to happening. Update your list regularly.

3. Take It or Leave It Piles. Make a truthful assessment of who you are. Yes, there are deep, dark corners that you may be afraid to explore. Just remember that you are surrounded by a host of allies, guardians, and cheerleaders – seen and unseen. Now, go through the list with a “+” for anything that feels especially great to you. If you feel a strong aversion to a certain subject, or you have any level of ambivalence, explore this topic further and see if you can find a learned lesson, a kind smile, or a deep acceptance hidden within. Pretty soon you’ll have a whole summation of plusses!

4. Change It Up. Of the 3 postures we humans use regularly, sitting, standing and lying down, we tend to favor one or another. Do you see a particular way that you position yourself without changing it up once in a while? Practice moving yourself differently. If you are more sedentary, take a stretch or go for a walk.

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