The Feminine Divine Awakens: A Call to Action

orby-statueThe Feminine Divine Awakens: A Call to Action
by Starcat

I have a confession. On Tuesday morning, I wrote a very different post to share with you. I was confident that we were on the way to a historic milestone here in the United States: the election of our first woman President. I wrote about what a game-changer it was, and how (whether or not you like Secretary Clinton) we collectively stepped beyond our previous prejudices to elect a woman to this powerful and symbolic role.

But no. We’re not there yet.

This election was a game-changer, yes, but in a very different way. The hatred and fear that are part of the warped legacy of the patriarchy remain at the forefront of political discourse.

We have fallen short. We rejected the candidate who accepts and champions all types of diversity: gender, religion, race, sexual orientation, and cultural background. We’ve instead closed our eyes to the rampant racism, misogyny, and abuse of the male candidate, and (ironically) chosen more of the same. The patriarchy is clinging to the way things were, to blame and fear and anger and prejudice.

It’s tempting to give up. To rant and blame and rage and cry. There is a time for expressing our fear and disillusionment, for certain. Yet dwelling in hatred, blame, and despair just creates more of what we already know we don’t want.

We can’t let fear win out over love.

What does this mean for you on your personal spiritual journey? It’s even more vital than ever to hold to your deepest truths. As you embrace the qualities of the Feminine Divine, you encourage the world in that direction. These qualities – compassion, holistic health, intuition, creative expansion, communion with Nature, respect for diversity, spiritual connection, and collaboration – are vital to the awakening of human consciousness. The more energy and attention you devote to them, the better.

You can help by turning the focus of your attention to projects, causes, and callings that evoke these qualities in your life. We are so accustomed to “fighting back” and “standing up” for our rights. What if, instead, you sat down, centered yourself in your deepest values, and took inspired action from there?

It’s time to quit reacting and lamenting and criticizing. Now is the time to call upon your power-from-within and light up, like a beacon, from the inside. It’s time to walk your talk, and live according to what’s most meaningful to you.

No excuses. No regrets.

As more and more of us step into empowerment and collaborate on uplifting projects, momentum grows. The world sees the power, wisdom, and inner beauty that we bring to each moment. More and more of our sisters and brothers are inspired to follow their callings and embrace their soul’s shining light.

Let’s step forward and embrace the qualities of the Goddess as superpowers for cultural change and spiritual awakening. You’re not alone. Together, we can do this sacred work to heal ourselves and our planet.

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