Feline Drummers On the Move!

Feline Drummers On the Move!
by Starcat

October has been a busy month for us here at Feline Dreamers. One of the things we’ve been up to is rehearsing for a show. We’re appearing as Feline Drummers, playing our drums and also getting to do a bit of acting – as cats, of course!

And now the show is on, tonight, Friday, and Saturday! We’re part of the Dark Follies vaudeville troupe, and this particular show is called “The Spirits of Vaudeville.” We’ll be performing at 8pm at Lucid Stage in Portland, Maine.

If you’re local to us, we hope you’ll come on down and check it out. If not, please send your good wishes, and take a look at the Dark Follies website – our pictures are on the cool poster you’ll find there!

We hope you’re enjoying the season. Stay tuned for those treats we promised you. They’ll be super delicious!