Feeling Connected

Feeling connected is that sense of excitement about who you are and what you’re doing. Your creative ideas flow and the path that lies before you is unlimited. What’s the next intuitive step? You know that what you choose will bring you joy. It’s the obvious next stage in your journey — what you want to learn, what you long to share. You’re actualizing your truth based on all the experiences you’ve had.

You’ve been in that mindset before, and you’ve felt the rush of exhilaration. But when you come down from that mental high, even briefly, that’s when you start to doubt yourself. You worry about how “realistic” it is for you to take that next step. The connection seems lost.

How do you recover? How do you regain your confidence and sense of purpose? Like anything, it’s a matter of practice. Go back to your previous joyful line of thinking and keep the momentum going. Imagine new ways to incorporate your passions in your daily life. Change your perspective by pursuing a healthy pleasure — eat some fresh fruit, have a warm bath, snuggle up with a good book, meditate in a cozy chair, or doodle on a napkin. Take the next intuitive leap, on a smaller scale. What can you easily do, right now, that is one baby step closer to your goal?

We’re each here to express our unique thoughts and creations, whether it’s in a traditionally creative field such as art or writing, or by inventing a new gadget, or being the best parent you can, or building the perfect chicken coop. Your life is your art, and only you can polish it so it reflects the beauty in your heart. You’ll know you’re on your way when you get that joyful, exuberant feeling of connection.

If you’re not there, you might want to ask yourself, “What am I choosing to do, and why?” There are millions of ways to express the ideas that you create when you’re daydreaming. Decide to take action based on joy rather than fear. You might be happily surprised where it leads you.