Family Gatherings

Family Gatherings
by BlackLion

I went to a family celebration this weekend with Starcat and my mom. We took the ferry over to Peaks Island for my cousin’s wedding. I saw a lot of my extended family and it was wonderful to experience the union of two lovely people. We celebrated well into the night with dancing and lots of laughing and smiling.

Over the past few years, we have had a lot of family gatherings that were not as joyous, though. The last couple times I have seen my extended family were about commiseration because of the loss of a loved one. We lost my nana a few years ago and my uncle this year. They were powerful ceremonies, however, and they were the first step in the healing process.

Like any family, we have had our share of disagreements and perceived slights over the years. Overall, though, we get along well, and the wedding was full of joyful celebration. The way you view yourself and interact with your extended family is an important part of how you create your life. Whatever sort of gatherings you do with your family, remember to come to them with an openness and willingness to let go of past resentments. Of course, you can always be grumpy, resentful, or even downright hateful, if you like, but the only person suffering is you.

By expanding and allowing your willingness to forgive, the family gatherings that you choose to attend, whether for celebration or mourning, can be experienced from a place of genuine joy or sorrow. Choosing to live your life free of the past and of old viewpoints is an expansive process that opens new avenues of communication and creativity.