Faeries Take New York!

new-york-skylineHave you ever noticed how travel helps expand your consciousness? By stepping outside your everyday routine, you’re able to tune into a different rhythm, one that’s perhaps deeper and more authentic. We just came back from a conference in New York City, and wow! Minds blown open.

The event we attended is itself based on freedom and expansion: the 2nd annual Life Without Instructions unschooling conference. While our own journey with unschooling Starcat’s two kids is pretty much done (or at least the intense hands-on part – as they’ve now officially graduated), we still resonate with this amazing tribe of unschoolers. It’s a group of families who are thinking WAY outside the box, not only in terms of education, but in all aspects of life.

We attended sessions on intentional communities, writing & mythology, finding & living your life’s purpose, and the Desire Map. We boogied with abandon to 70s classics, led a drum circle and several guided meditations, and expanded ourselves while learning from inspiring folks of all ages.


Playing music was one of the highlights for the teens we took along (ElvenTiger, her boyfriend, and a new friend who hitched a ride with us). There was a stage set up throughout the week that was open to anyone to use. They also had fun dressing up for the 70s “Mom Prom” themed dance.


There was a goat battle, a game of human bowling, and “monkey in the middle” – all of which used those big yoga balls that people usually sit on. One of our teens’ favorite activities was watching Star Wars in the workout room. No, really.


We met some interesting characters there, including a Unicorn playing the Ukulele. You just don’t see that every day.


There was this one fellow faerie girl, about seven years old, who loved hanging out with us. She was sassy and fun. Her Dad said he had some kids complain that his daughter was casting spells on them. Her response when he asked her about it was, “well, they were really annoying…” Can’t argue with that!


Before we headed back to New England, we took a ride on the Staten Island Ferry (Faerie?) and took a visit to the heart of the Big Apple, Broadway. Five of us went into the city for the day and had ourselves a fun fae adventure.

There are always big things in the Big Apple; some are bigger than others. Check out this guy’s, um, large orbs.


There was also a very interesting sale going on… Okay, yes, we’re all about the double entendres. At least the patrons were happy.


As country kittens, we tended to seek out the green spaces, even in the big city. We walked through Battery Park, where we saw this big eagle.


We also found a few other places along the way where ElvenTiger, our druid type, could feel more comfortable.


They even had a Farmer’s Market going on! Local, organic produce, deep in the city.


We had some tasty Indian cuisine for lunch, then later we snacked on honey-roasted peanuts, and devoured some delicious gelato. The store was looking for “gelato artists,” and we can understand why – such beautiful food!


We made wishes in fountains.


We encountered mystical creatures disguised as statues along the way, griffins,


and a lion quintet who serenaded us as we passed…only in New York!


A decorative Celtic cross adorned one of the historic churches, which is now completely dwarfed by skyscrapers.


We loved the wide variety of interesting buildings. This one seemed to be wishing us a happy Fall Equinox!


Starcat’s favorite was this building under construction, which looks like a game of Jenga! It’s on her bucket list to go up in it someday.


A giant container of scarlet begonias reminded us of one of our favorite bands. Can you guess who it is?


By the time we found our way back to the Ferry, we were all pretty tired.


The views were even more lovely on the way back; we even caught a glimpse of some of the faeries of New York celebrating with the Statue of Liberty. Their blessings helped revive us for our long drive back home.


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