Faerie Travelogue: Adventure the First

The faeries (that’s us) decided to go on an anniversary adventure. We went to Exeter of the New Hampshire. Here’s what we found.

We started at the Good Karma Café,
Feline Dreamers at the Good Karma Cafe

where we enjoyed a yummy raw-food lunch and met a new plant friend.
Plant Friend

And we had dessert – but it went fast!
BlackLion's Dessert

We took a long walk around the town,
Exeter, NH

where we stopped to smell the roses – er, lilacs.
BlackLion smells the lilacs

We went browsing through the shops in the village. We checked out some books,
Starcat likes books


met a faerie friend
Faerie Friend

who gifted us with these:

We saw some quixotic moon signs, which were a bit confusing to follow,
Where are we?

and along the way we saw mysterious mist coming from under the ground.
The mist from beneath

We’re not sure what they were making underneath this creepy-cool house.
Creepy-cool house

Next we came upon a lovely park with willow trees
BlackLion and the willows

So we took a break
Break in the park

But we didn’t want to be seen!
Hiding Fae

We continued on our way, meeting this magnificent ancient tree friend.
Tree Friend

We looked around, but nobody was home,
Nobody home

so we knocked
BlackLion knocks

and found a faerie door!
Faerie Door

In turn, it revealed a new feline friend
Feline Friend

Who told us where we could find the moon place and do some evolving
Moon evolution

but alas, when we got there it was closed. We decided to evolve somewhere else, so we went on our merry way, back to the homestead in Maine.