Expanding Love

Expanding Love
by BlackLion

I am always amazed at the capacity for love that humans have for each other. Beauty is apparent everywhere we look and it is simply a matter of recognizing it. When I feel love in my heart for another, I feel a channel of energy flowing through me as if I am a conduit of pure love. I feel connected to my divinity and the divine in all things.

How often do you feel love?

If it is not as often as you would like, what are some of the thoughts that are going through your head right now that are limiting that loving feeling? Are you holding a grudge against someone – the government, people from other countries, or your family or friends?

Whenever a negative thought comes up, take a moment and examine the trigger of this thought. By stopping for a moment, you can break the cycle of a negative thought pattern and discover the beliefs fueling it. Recognizing this limiting belief will allow you to let it go more easily. Once you are free from these thoughts, your natural flow of love will continue.

I believe an openness to change and a willingness to change our beliefs are the way to make the world a better place. By seeking within for the changes we wish to see in the world, whenever we interact with others, we can see them with the light of love rather than fear or anger. Take your sense of connection and love with you wherever you go, sharing your divinity with us all.