Everyday Totem Magick

Everyday Totem Magick
by Starcat

Lately I’ve been seeing spiders everywhere. I’ve also encountered quite a few deer, and a couple of hawks. When a particular animal shows up in my life, I like to stop and contemplate what the encounter might mean. Sometimes the message is very clear, and other times it takes a while to figure out what I’m being shown.

When we think of totems, often we think of those animals who are with us in spirit all the time – you might be a wolf person, a cat person, or someone who loves owls. These totems might have been with you since childhood. Yet whenever we meet up with animals or birds, particularly when it’s unexpected, they most likely bear a message or reminder for us.

What animals have you seen lately? Was there a sighting that seemed especially significant? Think about what the message might have been, and how it relates to your current concerns or questions. When a creature crosses your path, stop and let the experience sink into your consciousness. What does your intuition say? You can also consult a book on animal totems, but your own inner knowing will bring you customized wisdom. Trust yourself, and follow the trail of thought and contemplation that the totem inspires within you.

In my case, the spiders pointed me to the web of connections around me. Recently when I was feeling isolated, they came to reassure me that I am held in the web of my community of friends and loved ones. The hawks reminded me to look at the big picture, and the deer, who are fairly frequent companions along my path, showed me the tenderness of new beginnings and the fragile balance of life. I’m thankful to my totem friends for their presence and blessings.

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