Get inspired! Join us and the Feline Dreamers community for an upcoming event. In these high-energy live workshops, you’ll come away with new insights, new dreams, and a new community of joyful co-creators shining their brilliant and unique lights even brighter.

May 6, 2017 10am-4pm
Unleash Your World Vision Mini-Retreat
Station Zero/Resilience Hub
222 Anderson Street, Portland, ME

You know all that crazy-making stuff that’s going on in human society? This current upheaval is actually a backlash against the expansion of human consciousness. Here’s a well-kept secret: your unique soul callings and sacred mission are an essential part of the solution. Fighting the patriarchy on its own terms isn’t enough. In order to create powerful positive change, it will take each of us connecting deeply with our unique vision for the future and serving the new Feminine Divine paradigm from an uplifted, inspired space. Are you ready?

Join Nikki Starcat Shields and Brent BlackLion Nelson on Saturday, May 6, 2017, from 10am to 4pm in Portland, Maine, for the Unleash Your World Vision Mini-Retreat. In a small group of co-creators, you’ll get clear on your vision, discover your wellspring of energy, and learn how these essential pieces connect to create powerful positive change in the world – your way. You’ll spend the day tapping into the momentum of the new paradigm, nurturing yourself for the long haul, and crafting a vision that will inspire you to manifest your soul’s mission.

Slots are limited, so step up and grab yours now!

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