Why Even Coaches Have Coaches

Why Even Coaches Have Coaches
By BlackLion

You may be surprised to know that even the most successful coaches and mentors in the world themselves have coaches and mentors that they rely upon. No matter who you are or what you do, there is always someone out there who knows something more – or sees things differently – than you.

It’s certainly true that there is absolutely nothing wrong with who you are or what you are doing. Every one of us is a unique bundle of starlight, with atoms forged at the center of a supernova.

The real question is, are you living your life in a way that:

  • lights your spark?
  • feels like you’re becoming who you’ve always wanted to be?
  • keeps you living in a lifestyle that best suits you and the planet?
  • encourages cornucopias of growth and transformation?

There is one constant in the Universe…change. With change comes the need to adapt to new circumstances as they come up. What I’ve found is that change can be either a blessing in disguise or a lurking monster…and you get to choose how to interpret the change for yourself!

I’ve decided to choose love instead of fear.

How about you?

Sometimes change feels scary and old stumbling blocks trip us up once in awhile. This is why coaches have coaches. No one knows all the answers, even if they say that they do (including the monkey-mind voices in your head). We all desire to change and grow and become better people, in whatever way that feels best to us.

By learning from those who are where you want to be, you can adapt, emulate, and translate what they have to offer into actual change in positive ways in your own life.

Coaches love having coaches!

You get to lay yourself out on the line, trust the Universe for the right advice, right thoughts, right moments to grace your life. When you work with a coach, you are creating a bond, a trust between you so that you can be vulnerable. Being vulnerable is divine. You are absolutely present in the now, come what may.

This is spirit in action.

My coach is Jeannette Maw at Good Vibe University, and I say “Wow!” She is a bright light of laughter and wisdom. I’ve only been with her a short time and zowie, my Law of Attraction (LOA) juices are flowing. I think the catalyst for me was her “Yes!” attitude and glee for life. Our collective calls are so astute, profound, and at times we laugh out loud so hard! Like when I was Geeking out on Self-Care last month.

Starcat’s coach, who she adores, is Britt Bolnick of In Arms Coaching. Britt is a business coach who puts the deep inner work on equal footing with the outer steps, and has built an amazing tribe of heart-centered women entrepreneurs. What a vast network of tuned-in, turned-on co-creators!

In the magickal environment my coach has created with other like mind co-creators at GVU, I’d say my manifestation skills and intentions have become hyperactive! I am more aligned with my faerie play self than I’ve been for a long time. And did I even mention the whiz-bang of Jeannette’s own coach, Jeanna Gabellini? What an insightful laugh riot!

Adding the support of an uplifting coach can give you just the boost you need to become even more your authentic self.

Forgive me as I math-geek-out on you for a moment. Let’s be vectors. You have an amplitude, a measure of energy intensity. You have a direction, a measure of your true arrow. Whatever you think, becomes.

If you are aiming toward your and everyone’s highest good, the actions you take increase the amplitudes of all concurrent frequencies in sumptuous ways. Having the support of a coach increases the amplitude toward the things you’re already moving towards, and she bolsters your trajectory to stay pointed in the direction of your choosing.

Sound good?

Now, don’t get me wrong. It’s not like anyone is doing anything for me – the inner work, that is. No one else can “make” you do anything. Only when you are aligned with yourself can any of the true magick happen.

A coach is a great catalyst to get you there.

So, regardless of who you choose as a coach or mentor, the lessons you learn can be that resonant lift of energy you’ve longed to feel. The direction you choose is always still up to you. For me, I’ve decided to be a vector of good cheer.

How about you?

What action can you take to find the support that will help power your journey to the stars?

Where does your authentic tribe hang out?

What would an ideal coach or mentor feel like to you?

In what stuck areas in your life do you want more momentum forward that the catalyst of a coach or tribe would fulfill?

What vector are you moving faster towards?


Want to kindle or rekindle your connection with the Feminine Divine? Wouldn’t it be nice to finally choose to nurture yourself rather than repeat those routine memes over and over again? Ready to make a decision to fully be responsible for your gifts and dare to share them with the world? Ready to release those pesky old beliefs that are holding you back and live the life of your dreams? Are you ready to commit to a magickal life that you’ll savor day in and day out?

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