Episode 603: Practice and Mindfulness

On this week’s PawedCats Podcast, we talk with yoga teacher and studio owner Sarah Spiegel. She runs Samudra Studio in southern Maine, and also leads international retreats. Sarah shares how to bring more mindfulness and awareness into your daily life and how she learned to develop a practice after recovering from a car accident. She also offers suggestions on getting started – or returning to – a regular yoga practice, and how vital community is to the process of living mindfully in a world full of distractions. Join us and learn simple ways to tap into your inner wisdom and flow!

The PawedCats Podcast is a regular dose of good cheer, spiritual insights, and ways to live a more soulful life.

More about Sarah:

Sarah Spiegel is the founder and owner of Samudra Studio, a community-based yoga and meditation studio in Saco, Maine. Samudra’s mission is to help people find JOY in daily life. Sarah has had a long time love of building and supporting community and enjoys creating connection and transformation for individuals and groups through classes, workshops, transformational retreats, and trainings. Visit SamudraStudioYoga.com to get in touch and see her class schedule.

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