Energy Sources: Earth

You Are What You Eat
by BlackLion and Starcat

Our physical manifestation on this world comes directly from the earth itself; it is the physical source of our being. We often forget that both we and the earth are made from stars. So we are both earth beings and star beings, all at the same time!

As our friend Dana says, we are spiritual beings having a human experience. Sometimes it seems like a chore to focus on mundane tasks and the physical realm, particularly if we are raising our energies and working with the unseen realms. However, if we focus exclusively on these mundane matters, we can get stuck in a rut and forget about lending energy to our dreams and goals. So it is a matter of balance, and of understanding that our earthly manifestations are intimately connected to the stars and our higher consciousness. How can we find that balance?

One way to stay connected with both the stars and the earth is by eating well. Since the earth is made from the stuff of stars, so is the food that grows from it. The vegetables, fruits and grains that we eat (or are made into what we eat) are all grown from the nutrients and soil of the earth. With aid from all the elements, these small plant beings grow and flourish and transform earth into life. We transform those growing things into ourselves.

By eating foods close to the source and unmanipulated, we can more directly feel the energies that the earth is offering to us. Genetically modified or conventional pesticide-controlled plants do not offer the same energies and can potentially even be harmful to our bodies. Foods that contain animal products, especially animal muscles, often have the last chemical releases of fear and anguish stored deeply inside them from when the animal was killed. However, eating a vegan and organically grown diet will better allow the energies of the earth to freely flow through us.

Perhaps the best and most nourishing food is that which we grow ourselves. Even a small vegetable or herb garden will bring more positive earth energy onto our plates. When we tend our plants, we can talk to them. Thank the faeries that are watching over them and helping them to grow. Leave offerings to the spirits and to the animals in the area, as a way of giving thanks and keeping the garden undisturbed. Visualize the process of stars becoming earth, earth becoming plants, and the plants we eat reenergizing our spirits. As we connect with the stars once again, we are completing the cycle of life, replenishing the universe with our energies and blessings.

We have all heard “we are what eat,” so remember, we are the earth and the stars!