Energy Conservation

Energy Conservation

Have you ever noticed how much energy is being “wasted” on things that are unnecessary? Things such as heating the food under the heat lamp in the cafeteria, the billions spent on political advertisements, and millions of people surfing hundreds of channels of repetitive TV programming. What could we really spend our energy on instead?

By making wise choices, it would be possible for everyone to be fed and clothed and housed and be taken care of in this physical plane. As a society, we have the technology and the means, yet we choose to chase money and power instead of assisting each other. We have all heard of energy conservation, reducing the use of oil and gas and using better energy sources such as wind or solar. How about personal energy conservation? In order to reach the goals of a more humane society, we each need to focus on becoming our best selves. By changing ourselves, we change the world.

The energy we waste on entertainment, competition and power-grabbing could instead be spent on creative pursuits. We could focus on what our real goals are, rather than false goals that the media or government or schools are telling us to work for. We have a tendency to “waste” our personal energy on worrying and feeling bad for ourselves. In this culture, which is one of physical abundance for the most part, we may feel “poor” in comparison to what we see in the media, even though we have plenty of food and a place to live. Instead of focusing on what we lack, what if we put that energy into following our dreams?

How do we do that? Do what feels right. Use our talents to aid those who need it. Spend time and energy on the pursuits and desires that best complete us as beings, where we create and enjoy our lives while helping and sharing with others.

When we don’t need to worry about where we are going to live, or where we are going to get the next meal, then we can be inspired to create beautiful and wonderful things. Many people wish to help others by becoming a healer, builder, or teacher, or a producer of solar panels, bringing together their calling with physical-world energy conservation. If there are jobs that not many people like doing, those can be shared, and taken care of in less time with group effort.

We can learn to interact with the world, creating as well as receiving ideas, inventions, and recreations. Manifest the images and thoughts in our heads. The more creativity in the world, the more the creative process will be valued as a real way to express ourselves as complete beings. Everyone expresses themselves in different ways. By combining and sharing our talents and expressions of Love, whether it is gardening, cooking, carpentry, glassblowing, painting, drawing, singing, or dancing, we are able to take care of ourselves and each other in positive and truly enriching ways.

Right now, many of us are unaware of our calling, and perhaps are not ready to awaken. It may be hard for us to shift instantly from the models we are accustomed to. But with continued support and assistance and the encouragement to learn about ourselves, then we will all be able to understand how to find our true purpose.

Everyone has this potential. One day we can all know that it is okay to Love unconditionally, all the time. We are each unique and will be valued for who we really are. We will return again and again onto this plane, and create a better world for ourselves, our loved ones, and all beings.