End of Year Review

End of Year Review

It is the end of 2010 and we thought it would be a fun idea to see where Feline Dreamers has been and where we want to go. We have offered quite a bit of free content for you lovely people and we look forward to providing more in 2011. We also want to offer Wares and other services in the coming year as well.

Here is what Feline Dreamers currently offers:

Dream Journal: This weekly newsletter is something we have been looking forward to providing for a long time. Each article we write is one of a continuing series of insightful, inspiring, and thought-provoking ideas that we want to contribute to the world to help uplift the consciousness of all. In addition, by joining the newsletter you can receive our free e-book “How to Get Unstuck: 15 Ways to Gain Momentum.”

PawedCats Podcast: Each week, we serve up a fun, creative, quirky, and spiritual podcast with many topics and recurring themes and segments. Our unique way of viewing the world provides our listeners with insights and ideas that may contribute to their finding a spiritual path that works for them.

Also: Guided Meditations, Faerie Tidings, Cat-a-List, Fae Musings, Blogs, and much more! Check the Offerings page for more!

Future Plans:

30-Day Core Belief Kit: Even though we didn’t quite fit it in before the end of the year, we are looking forward to finishing this great tool kit early in 2011.

The Book of Ing: Our take on spirituality, life, the universe, and all things in between. Look for it this coming year!

Workshops, Conferences, Trade Shows: We are planning to travel around, spreading the word about personal spirituality and living a life of fun and joy.