The world we know is one of many. Other realities and levels of being exist all around us, and they normally remain unseen. Yet there are places where they can overlap. One of these is the dreamlands. When we fall asleep, the usual boundaries of our consciousness are dissolved and we have access to spaces where we can interact with beings from other planes.

Some of our dreams consist of our minds clearing themselves of jumbled thoughts and experiences from daily life. Yet there are also dreams which resonate with us more deeply. We meet people or beings we seem to know, yet have never met in the waking world. We visit certain dream cities or forests on a regular basis.

In the dreamlands, we can commune more directly with the Divine, often represented symbolically by people, animals, or trees. Your dream messages may be delivered in scenes that are familiar yet altered: encountering your current lover in your childhood home, or talking with a tiger cat in outer space.

Our dream worlds can also be conduits to alternate realities, which allow us to contact other versions of ourselves in those realms. We can learn about ways of being that we never thought were possible. We can consult with these “like-minded” beings, who can give us comfort and knowledge that is deeply personal.

Dreams are one way to access the Borderlands, the places between our world and the world of other beings, such as the Fae. This is not the only way to meet with faeries, but it is fairly simple to do. If you want to meet with a faerie or spirit guide in your dreams, set that intention before you go to sleep. Ask them to meet with you during the night and share their wisdom. Also tell yourself that you will recall your dreams upon awakening.

When you wake up, give yourself a few minutes of quiet in order to remember your dreams. The dreams you have just before waking up may not be the only ones, but if you let those dreams float through your mind, they will often awaken memories of what came earlier. Keep a dream journal or sketchbook handy, so you can write or draw what you recall. This will help you practice being more open to remembering your dreams on a regular basis, as well as to stay mindful of the messages you receive from the other side.

Always rely on your own intuition and wisdom – if you receive advice that doesn’t feel right to you, you can modify it or ignore it. Just as in this world, each being has their own beliefs and opinions, so take what you learn with a healthy grain of salt. Remember to be respectful of those you encounter in the dreamlands. Thank them for their assistance, help them when you can, and perhaps you’ll develop an otherworldly friendship.