Do What You Will

Do you ever wonder where the soul resides? Do you think it's comfortable there..?
By gogoloopie
Used with permission under (CC BY 2.0) license

Do What You Will
by BlackLion

What does it mean to do what you will? You are the ultimate authority of your own life. You get to choose your thoughts, your feelings about those thoughts, and the actions that stem from those thoughts. Yes, you will encounter “outside” energies that will influence you, sometimes strongly. Yet you still decide how you will face these challenges.

Your will is the energy that you have when you actually decide on a thought or course of action. When you choose something, remembering that inaction is also a choice, you generate momentum in the direction of that choice. Your will, however strong it may be, is the source of energy to continue in that direction. At any time, you can choose to change course, yet as with anything, it may take some effort to change the current momentum of your previous choices. Yet, change it must.

You will find that it is easier to stay the course you are currently on because you will have been gathering energies for some time now to create your current life situation. However, with a willingness to transform your thoughts, you can change course. With persistence and patience with yourself, you will change your life in the ways you most desire.

When you choose to do anything that feels good to you, not necessarily only the simple pleasures but long term happiness goals as well, you will find it easier and easier to stay the path of better feeling thoughts. Ease and joy are the stepping stones along your journey. Do what you will and your will will be done. Enjoy each step along the way.

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