Do It with Love

Do It with Love
by BlackLion

Let’s make the world a better place.

Close your eyes and make a solemn promise to yourself to be the “Best me I can Be.”

Be is the Be in Best!

Be the best you you can be, whether you are feeling alone, or surrounded by the most free people in the world. We are humanity at our best when we trust what we want.

Take a moment and realize your next moment’s potential. Things could go better, or things could go worse.

Choose with Well Being in mind.

As Scott Noelle said at the Life Rocks! Conference, “acceptance leads to a partnership paradigm.” When you are present and ready for experience to be self-directed, what will you choose? In every moment you focus your attention on a thought, an action, or an inspiration. It is what it Is. Your emotions are balanced by your desire for greatness and the reason you want it to feel better. Love begets more love.

In the next moment, remember.

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