Discover the Secret to a Good (or Even Better) Life

When you take time to go deeply into the lore and mythology of humanity, you can discover the secret to a good (or even better) life. Of course, the answers are purposefully steeped in story and symbolism, but the jewels of knowledge are present, even if masked for the uninitiated.

Now, that is not to say that you can’t discover on your own what makes life good for you. You’ll find self-made people from all cultures and histories.

But what is the relevance of these myths to your life, this time around?

The pursuit of happiness is one of the fundamental goals of any particular person. Sure, given enough training (and conditioning) you can forget your own goals and follow the party line, as it were. Yet, deep down, you know you are here for a purpose that is both noble and simple: to live a good life.

What that looks like, though, totally depends on you. Sure, outside influences *could* cause you to miss the boat on your own dream life, but it is you who gets to decide what your guiding principles in your life are going to be. This is where the magick comes into play, and the universal myths point you back toward your own heart’s desires.

Whatever it is that you are wanting in your life – better living conditions, better relationships, better health, better working conditions, better than whatever has come before – the goal is simple and the means are achievable, within *this* lifetime, this year, this month, even tomorrow. This truth is self-evident once you realize it yourself.

What you believe, is what will occur.

Now, here’s the rub. You can *say* whatever you are wanting until you are blue in the face. But if you don’t actually believe what you are saying, then that’s what it will be: just hot air. Belief is the single most powerful tool to control other people as well, because if you are not strong in your *own* convictions, then any old so-and-so will be able to influence you and change your mind.

If the “other” is not pure of intention (and how can they be, they don’t really know you), then you’ll get a mixed bag, or worse, unwanted life experiences. With chronic acceptance of beliefs from others, then the truth within you has no voice, or at least, is awash in outside distractions, enough that you may have a hard time hearing what you are really wanting.

However, the discovery of self-assessment and self-care within you is exactly what you need right now. The question is, how do you get to this place of hearing when your spirit is calling you home?

The tools are as old as history itself: meditation, yoga, communing with nature, journaling, dropping distractions, etc. When you *choose* to actually delve deeper into your own knowing, you’ll not only discover how to live a good life, your inner guidance will help inspire you to right action, right livelihood, and right community.

Only your ego (the part created for us for the most part) will have any protests. The discernment between this voice and your true calling is a simple one. Does it feel better to think about it, or not?

Once you are in this feel-good mode, then momentum has begun to shift and the miracles you’ve always wanted will begin to appear. Synchronicities abound, and “even better” is closer than you may have ever thought possible. So let yourself *be* that future self now.

How does it feel to be loved unconditionally? How does it feel to be prosperous and generous? How does it feel to do meaningful work with abundant yields? How does it feel to live in a caring and loving community?

What’s even better, the secret has been in plain sight the whole time, whether in story or within your heart. The question is, will you choose to live the life of your dreams, or choose to stay entrenched in your old misaligned stories?

Choose wisely and discover the power of miracles in your own hands!

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