Day of the Fae

Day of the Fae
by Starcat

This afternoon, BlackLion and I are out on the big lawn of a resort hotel in New Hampshire with a bunch of kids, building faery houses. It’s a Day of the Fae! Want to join us? You can build a faery dwelling right in your own backyard.

The tradition of faery house building I was taught is to gather materials found in nature, then use them to create small outdoor dwellings for the fae folk. Usually the items used are things made by nature, not by people. There are exceptions. I have seen things like sea glass used; it was originally made by humans, but the sea has reclaimed it and polished in ways that the faeries seem to enjoy. Some people like to craft little items for the fae from recycled scraps of cloth or wood. Use your intuition as your guide.

First, gather your materials. Find a basket or bag and take a walk outside: in the woods, through a field, or near the water. Gather fallen items that catch your eye: rocks, shells, a feather, pinecones, and the like. I tend to not use living things that would die if you pick them, like flowers, but some people do incorporate flowers and grasses. Be sure to say thank you as you gather your items.

Next, find a spot where faeries might like to gather. The edges of your yard would be good, as long as not too many creatures trample through. Up against the trunk of a tree is perfect, or nestled in among some rocks. Now, create a whimsical dwelling for your fae friends. Use your imagination and creativity. Kids are great at this. Bring along a young friend or tap into your inner child.

When you are done, say a blessing for the fae and their new dwelling, and walk away. You might want to take a picture of your creation to share with your friends. From time to time, check on your faery house and see if it needs any repairs. Leave offerings there for the faeries to enjoy. They especially enjoy milk, sweets, and anything shiny. They tend not to like metal, especially iron. If you enjoyed building the house, you might even want to build them an addition or a patio!

Have fun with your faery house building! Happy Fae Day!

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