Dancing With Your Shadow

fd141104shadowdanceDancing With Your Shadow
by Starcat

In order to live a joyful and fulfilling life, you’ll want to tap into your inner source, the essence of who you are, even beyond this lifetime. I feel that our purpose here on Earth is to learn, and to help uplift others along the way. Learning the lessons that you came here for won’t be easy, and you’ll experience resistance of one kind or another along the way.

That resistance shows up in different ways for each one of us, but we are all human. We all experience times of fear, grief, and anger. If we resist those deep emotions, whether by shoving them further  inside or projecting them outward onto someone else, they’ll build up.

Your shadow side is comprised of the stories you tell yourself. “I am a victim.” “Those people wronged me.” “No one understands.” A pattern develops, slowly over time, and you might find yourself blocking your own happiness and success. You feel you don’t deserve it, or that the world isn’t fair, or you create some other excuse for not pursuing your passions.

The shadow isn’t to blame for your troubles, nor is it evil. It’s just a part of you, perhaps from long ago, that feels sad or scared or upset.

Often your shadow’s stories have a basis in reality. Difficult, even terrible things do happen sometimes in this life. These are the things that you learn to overcome. You learn to use them to help you grow.

Your shadow really wants your full attention. By looking at your shadow side and listening to its stories, you acknowledge those deep feelings and tough experiences. Embrace that side of you, perhaps thinking of it as a small child that needs your love. It might take a while to love your shadow. Start with acceptance and move toward compassion.

When you can look at your own shadow side and feel compassion, you’ll be tapping into the love that you are made of, your inner source, your connection to the divine, the Universe, All-That-Is. You’ll be held and supported in a warm embrace.

This is not easy work, nor will it be done in one moment. The practice is to return to compassion for yourself and others, even during times when you’re full of despair or rage. This could be the work of a lifetime.

Forgive yourself when you fail at this. You’re learning, you’re trying, and that’s what counts.

At the same time as you look deeply at your shadow self, try to take yourself less seriously. Allow yourself to be light-hearted, to laugh when you feel like it, to cry when you need to, and to enjoy the gift of this life.

As you integrate your shadow self into your entire being, embracing your own wholeness, you’ll find more space for joy and for your passions and desires.

When you can see your shadow, you know that a light is shining nearby. Be thankful for the darkness, the light, and everything in between.


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