Creativity and Passion for Life

Creativity and Passion for Life
by Starcat

One of my favorite things in life is writing. When I write, I am expressing myself in a way that taps into the deepest reaches of my essence. Everything else falls away, time is irrelevant, and I allow my creativity to flow forth, unimpeded. By focusing on my creativity, I’m giving myself the gift of presence. Creativity is fun, and it has definitely increased my passion for life.

Over the past few months, I’ve given myself the gift of writing every day. Yes, every day. I write, at the very least, three pages in my personal journal. Most days I do other writing as well: blogging, writing articles, creating materials for our workshops, and working on book projects. Writing isn’t my only creative practice, either. Some of the other things I dedicate my time to are dancing, drumming, and working on my art journal.

Creativity is an innate part of who we are as human beings. Even if you don’t identify yourself as an artist, you are creative. Think of your hobbies, the things that bring you joy, and the life you’re created for yourself. We are born creators, coming into this lifetime for some purpose. Whether or not you’ve yet found your life purpose(s), you are constantly creating your experience from your thoughts, feelings, and deeds.

When you make creativity part of your spiritual practice, it will enliven you in many ways. As you practice, you’ll improve your ability to express your inner essence, and that will build your confidence. You’ll tap into a wellspring of love, your connection with the Divine, which is of course creative beyond measure. And you’ll bring so much joy into your daily life!

Be easy with yourself. You want to make creative time your playground, and come to it because of the happiness it brings you. If you’re struggling to find the time to create, give up something else as a willing sacrifice to your creative muses. Skip one of your TV shows, ask someone else to do the dishes, or even forego an hour of sleep every so often. Creativity is worth it. When you dedicate yourself to a creative project, you’ll receive joy, fulfillment, and confidence in return. Create!

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