Considering Giving Up? Why Not Try Giving Down!

You are a miracle! No ifs, ands, or buts about it.

With your vast network of cells, your body is constantly interacting with the world around it. It is digesting your breakfast and coffee while converting it into fuel for your day. Your body crafts the magic of mixing tree exhales with your human inhales to turn oxygen into fat-releasing carbon dioxide. Marvel that you are self-aware enough to know that you are reading these words right now.

You are a miracle to the hundred-billions power!

So why are you still Giving Up what’s important to you?

You know, you are giving up something to do what you’re doing now.

You work every day. You play every day. You learn every day. You teach every day. The only thing is, you rarely do any of these things consciously. Instead, you mainly live by the habits you’ve created for yourself. And the people around you tend to trigger the best (or perhaps worst) in you. You stay safe in the comfort of the status quo that you call your life.

Are you Giving Up on your dream of travel? Perhaps take some of your earnings and aim towards saving for another trip. You could also focus on your learning and discover choice deals, free promotions, and a number of inexpensive ways to explore the world. Find any small action toward your goals. It feels good to accomplish a baby step toward your light.

What does Giving Down mean?

Giving Down is like upping the ante toward living a better life. Like a friendly double-dog dare, you are betting that your life will get better because you want it to. Isn’t that the essence of magick in the first place? When you focus on your intentions, you are actively aiming toward your happy place. When you use any part of yourself (working, playing, learning, teaching, etc.) toward your intentions, wow, magick!

Giving Up means letting it go to a higher power, which totally has its merits, but often it means: I’m not ready to face my challenges right now. And that’s okay too. But habitualizing this sort of intention can lead to staying mired in your uninspiring habits.

Through the simple act of Giving Down to yourself (your inner self, your body, your mind), you’re activating your innate super powers to live better, love better, grow better, work, play, learn, teach, receive, and give better.

Self-nourishment isn’t selfish; it’s self-fulfilling. And from this powerful state of being, you then live your life as it inspires you. You’re ready to face challenges you’ve been holding off for forever, let go of old ruts, and, even more importantly, give to yourself the gift of your love.

No one could possibly love you more than you are capable of loving you. So start with a bubble bath, comfy pjs, a snuggle pup or kitten, or a hot cuppa. These simple acts of self-love become the momentum toward living your life the way you truly want.

Savor these moments and let them permeate your day more and more until you let your lovelight shine through so much that you’re beaming more brightly than ever before.

Giving Down the gift of your love to yourself is the beginning of a brand new world where giving to others is as natural as giving to yourself.

Now that you’re a pro at this self-actualization thing, share your vision with the world and keep going toward it with verve and vitality, knowing you are doing your personal sacred work here on Terra Firma. You’ve got this, sunshine!

Cheers and happy Giving Down!

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