Consciously Connecting to Nature

fd140831consciousnatureConsciously Connecting to Nature
by BlackLion

As a present moment practice, I choose to work and play in nature, being fully focused on the task or game at hand. When I am connected to the gentle energies of plants, insects and animals, I feel more fully myself here and now. I suppose it is connecting to my deep and intimate relationship with Life Force.

Much of this planet is full of Life Force, or Source. It is the energy that takes the components that comprise life – cells, atoms, molecules, etc. – and energizes them into a living being. Of course, minerals, rocks, sky, sun, and all other beings also have an energy about them. Tapping into this kind of vibe will keep you focused and energized.

When you are in alignment with your natural life force, the flow of your experience becomes powerful and beneficial. You live life on your own terms and the universe joins in willingly. Enjoying the natural world is a refreshing way to reconnect to your soul-level connection with All-That-Is.

Whether through nourishing your body with the plants, animals, and fungi of the world, or camping near a roaring river, you’ll notice the invigorating and uplifting energies that these beings embody. Intentional vibration and attuning with the natural world acknowledges the mutually-beneficial balance that you can maintain. You’ll know of any imbalances with this energy by the way you feel.

Your natural well-spring of life energy IS  your default setting. Only your mindset can diminish this flow of love and regeneration. To realign with the world around you, simply take a deep breath and hold it for four seconds. Then release that breath for another four seconds. Hold with empty lungs for four seconds. Inhale for four seconds. Hold and repeat. You’ll be rejuvenated and present in no time.

Why not add to the benefit of presence by breathing clean, clear, revitalizing natural air, straight from the trees, flowers, shrubs, and grass all around you? If you find yourself in a place with precious little clean air, adopt some plant friends into your windows or yard. Their gift of respiration will only be enhanced by your presence and attention.

Water is also a great cleansing liquid. Drink some clear spring water, fresh from the Mother. It is naturally sterilized and full of Life Force that no bottling plant could ever duplicate. Spring-fed lakes and streams are a great place to submerge and release any tensions that you may have built up. What better way to absorb some rays then floating in fresh water?

However you choose to interact with the natural world, remember to honor each of the beings, from birth to grave, that make your life possible. Saying a gratitude blessing for the food that is on your table is a great way of staying present with your body and the body of the beings you are transforming into yourself. Be present with every bite, savoring the flavors, textures, and subtle nuances of your meal.

As a present human being, you’ll fully embody the vital interrelationship between yourself and others. Your actions (and inactions) are the dance you step with the world around you. Your thoughts and feelings lead you to ever-changing vistas of open sky attitudes and deep dark caverns of concern. However you choose to be in the world, your natural allies are always available in each breath, bite, and beam of bright sunshine. Blessings!

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