Connecting to your Spirit Is the Fast Lane to Happiness

pexels-photo-45771Connecting to your Spirit Is the Fast Lane to Happiness
by BlackLion

Imagine you are driving along your own superhighway; let’s call it Life. You wake up in the morning, going along at a good pace, when some thought pops up into your experience that doesn’t feel very good. You honk your horn at the thought that just cut you off, causing you to swerve or slow down or even careen into the breakdown lane.

Now imagine the next thought comes along and it feels a little better, but that pesky thought you had before is still going too damn slow in front of you, moving into the passing lane as you try to go by. Now there are two thoughts causing you grief, one that just showed up and another then another keeps coming onto your highway. Most people get stuck in a traffic jam of thoughts, usually first thing in the morning, and end up getting stuck or barely moving forward in their life.

Now imagine waking up and intentionally focusing on a better feeling thought, one you’ve added to your daily spiritual practice. Perhaps you do a meditation or some yoga to get your body, mind and spirit connected. As you are cruising along in the fast lane of your life, you’ll still have those pesky thoughts. They may even try to careen into your lane.

Yet since you are already feeling in a good place, you anticipate that thought’s desire to have your full attention. Instead of ignoring it or honking in irritation, you instead acknowledge it from this place of clarity and then leave it in the dust. The better aligned you are with your spirit, the better you will be able to anticipate how to deal with your thoughts and circumstances.

As you connect more and more to what you want to experience, you’ll be better able to understand that you are driving your own Life. Sure, there will be potholes, detours and construction along your journey, but letting these inconveniences become roadblocks to your own happiness will not get you anywhere.

By deliberately choosing to stay connected to Source, you’ll discover that all these bumps in the road are really the flavor of Life that you are bringing into your experience. As you feel better and better, the crazy drivers will find other lanes to drive in, the curves and detours in the road will be your adventures, and your trusty co-pilot, Spirit, will keep you aimed true to your wildest dreams

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