Community Kitchen

Community Kitchen
by BlackLion

Starcat and I came up with an idea: to create a free-standing building on our property containing a kitchen that meets all our state’s catering laws and requirements. It would be for use by the community for various events, businesses, and projects. The folks who want to use it can barter, trade, or buy time in the kitchen and use all of its facilities to create food and beverages that can be sold or used as donations for soup kitchens or in catering other events.

We have many recipes that we have been complimented on over the years, especially Starcat’s cakes, our Indian curries and other dishes, and our gelato. We would like to create a space where one wall of the building can be opened to a small patio where we can serve lunches and other treats.

We are looking for folks to volunteer, donate, or otherwise help out on the project. We know many people in our community who have great food and drink ideas, but do not have a certified kitchen in which they can make their items for consumer use.

What do you think? Any comments, questions, or other thoughts?