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Christmas Merlin

Hi! We hope you’ve been having a lovely and joyful holiday season! You may have noticed we’ve been quiet lately. All is well, though.

We’re stopping by today to let you know about some of what’s going on behind the scenes here at Feline Dreamers. Wow, do we have an exciting 2014 in store for you!

Our brand-new, redesigned website will be revealed in just a few weeks. Along with our new sparkly look, we’ll be bringing you all-new, inspiring, hands-on tips for living your spirituality and enjoying your life! Our revamped newsletter and blog will deliver useful content to your door each week, complete with adorable photos and artwork.

In 2014 we’ll also be releasing our first-ever novel (a modern-day faerie tale), delivering brand-new audio guided meditations, and adding to our Inspired Living series of e-books. And a new Etsy shop is in the works as well – if you want a hint, think about adorable cats in all seasons…

All that and more is in store, and in the meantime we’re hunkered down in our workshop, drinking mugs of hot cocoa and focusing on our mysterious and highly joyful creative process. Stay tuned – the fantastical results are coming soon!

Blessings and Love,
Starcat and BlackLion
Feline Dreamers

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