Choose Your Focus

Choose Your Focus
by BlackLion

In every moment, you have the choice to focus on what you want to do with your time. Of course, you have the choice to eat certain foods for breakfast or which lane to drive in, but even more powerful is the choice of how to focus on any of those activities. Perhaps you don’t really pay attention when you are doing something, or maybe you are looking to the past or future, or even the consequences of your actions. Regardless, what you focus on and how you choose to focus is important.

Okay, so why is it so important? Essentially, what you direct your attention to is the primary energy that you are offering to the world. Have you ever been in a conversation but you were more involved with your response to what they were saying than with what they were actually saying? Did you notice that the conversation wasn’t very fulfilling or perhaps resulted in an argument? Imagine for a moment that your attention was completely on their words – could the conversation have resulted in something better?

Your focus is your power. In your life, you create what you focus on mainly because it is so important to you. Why else would you concentrate on it? If this strikes you as negative, perhaps what you have been focused on is not really what you say you want. But merely giving lip-service to your deep desires will not create them. If you are so focused on what you are missing out on, or hemming and hawing about your lack of success, then perhaps it is time to choose to focus on what you want.

In every moment, you have the choice to focus on what you want or to focus on not having what you want. This is a great gift! Mainly because you have the power of choice every moment of every day throughout your life. You get to choose what you focus on. You get the opportunity, all the time, to change your focus to what you really want. If you are honed in on something different than what you want, find out what feels best to you right now, and make the shift. With this choice, every time, you get to focus on what you want and feel better. Now, imagine every day using your powers of choice and will. Your power is now; your power is choice. What will you choose to focus on from now on?