Choice: The Most Powerful Force In The Universe

Focus on LoveChoice: The Most Powerful Force In The Universe
by BlackLion

Why do you do the things you do, day in and day out? Have you always done your daily routine this way or have your circumstances changed over the years? Do you realize that your choices are always open-ended?

Now that you know that you really do have a choice about your life, what is keeping you back from following through? When we observe the outside world, we can often get mesmerized by all the stuff going on out there. Yet, when you are aware that what is within you right now is even more powerful, you’re gonna love what comes next.

Think about it, or better yet, feel the truth within you right now. You are a powerful, magnificent, and imaginative creator. The universe yields to you that which you give your attention to. When you are “feeling it,” life really goes your way. When you see the world with doubt, remorse, or fear, you are pigeon-holing your vision to the worst of what is possible. And who wants to live like that?

Sure, you may get some attention, but it will not be in ways that will be ultimately fulfilling. Take a moment before continuing your well-trod path and see yourself in a new light. You really do get a choice on what comes next. It’s all in your attitude. When you are your own cheerleader, you tell the universe how to transform itself in your favor. Otherwise, you may get swallowed up by the desires of others, and perhaps even in experiences that are not aligned with your divine purpose.

Be easy about your choices. When you take a breath, or meditate, or simply pause, you have created just enough space to change your fortune. Take the reins of your own life by choosing what feels best to you rather than what feels worst to you. Allow the natural flow of your creativity to invent your best life now, rather than in some hypothetical future. Choose now to be the best possible you. Enjoy the ride. Blessings!


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