Hungarian Goulash (Vegan)

We thought we’d share a recipe from our upcoming e-cookbook, Vegan Simple Stir-Fry and Stove-Top Suppers. This dish was conceived for an international vegan cooking class that would use the seitan that we regularly make during the autumn and …


A Warm Winter Meal

Recently we had brewed up a delicious potato-leek soup, which was soon devoured by the family. We had it for dinner one night, and the next day served up the leftovers for lunch, along with grilled biscuits, at our Aunt …


Recipe: Roasted Fingerling Potatoes

The bounty at the farm stand, or perhaps in your own garden, is amazing right now! You can add some harvest to your table by preparing fresh veggies and fruits in simple and delicious ways. Last night we enjoyed a …


BlackLion’s Banana Bread

We haven’t shared a recipe with you for a while, so we thought we’d post a recipe that BlackLion created and made just this afternoon. It was delicious and moist! Enjoy!

BlackLion’s Banana Bread

4 ripened bananas
1 c. sugar…