Bursting Out of the Box

Bursting Out of the Box
by Starcat

No matter how creative you are, there are times when your mind is firmly lodged in the proverbial box. Particularly when a problem arises, the tendency is to think of choices as coming in pairs. “I can either do this, or that.” And sometimes neither choice is especially appealing.

In springtime it’s easier to see how there are always a multitude of ways to approach a challenge or project. Look around you in the natural world. Plants want to grow. They’ll take any route they can to seek that beloved sunshine – through leaves and debris, around human-made structures, even up through the narrowest crack in the pavement. They don’t give up simply because some obstacle has arisen in their path.

Brainstorming is a helpful tool for busting out of any box you might be in. Consider how you prefer to create ideas – you might want to brainstorm on your own, capturing a list of ideas in a notebook or on your favorite electronic device. Or perhaps you work best with others, bouncing ideas off your partner or a friend.

When sitting down to a good brainstorming session, remember that no idea is too outrageous. If one of your solutions to your back pain is to travel into the outer reaches of the solar system, write it down. It may not be literally possible for you, but it can certainly spark other ideas, like releasing the pressures of gravity in a hot tub or swimming pool.

Breathe through any beliefs that tell you you’re “stuck” in your current situation. For the moment, distance yourself from your dilemma so you can see it with fresh vision. Imagine what your response might be if a dear friend come to you for help with the same problem. Apply your creativity to the situation, and your compassion for yourself as well.

Take some time to let new ideas percolate to the surface. Revisit your brainstorming list a day or two later, and see what new ideas it might spark. Above all, be in a centered space when you decide on a course of action. Be grounded yet open when you make any decision. May you burst out of your self-made box and grow towards the light!

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