Broke Out of a Rut? Now What?

Broke Out of a Rut? Now What?
by BlackLion

When you begin to change your focus and try to feel better about yourself, it can take some time to permeate your life. It may seem that everyone is treating you the same way as you were before your transformation. But from their point of view, they are so used to your old patterns that they will unconsciously try to find any chinks in your new way of feeling and being.

You may have also noticed that sometimes you fall back into an old, well worn rut. Now, you can beat yourself up over it, or you can instead thank the trigger that brought you back into the rut, refocus using your new better-feeling place, and let it go. As you find more and more of these patterns, you will feel more and more confident that you can get yourself out of those old mindsets and create new ways to live.

After a while, less time than you may think, these hiccups will be more an annoyance than a full-blown drama. And they will happen less and less frequently. Imagine yourself feeling good all the time, with only a few minor blemishes in your day. Eventually, those too will disappear.

However, there will always be something in your life that causes some level of disturbance – that’s how you learn and grow. You’ll become well-versed in how to deal with these negative feelings and can right your ship in no time. Perhaps you’ll intentionally tackle some bigger issues that are happening around you and find a better-feeling place about them. You may even be stirred to action from a place of power-from-within and not simply as a knee-jerk reaction to current events.

As you create your life the way you want, you’ll find the better-feeling thoughts about all subjects. These changes will be reflected in the mirror of your life. All that you focus on will come about, so continue your work on feeling good, and the results will manifest themselves easily and more frequently. And throughout the process, enjoy yourself and the beautiful creation that is your life.