Breathe Your Life Open

What is it that brings a smile to your face? I know, life can be challenging, yet there is no time like the present to breathe a deep breath. If it helps, count to five on the inhale, and five on the exhale. 5 in, 5 out.

I like to play with the Fibonacci sequence while counting my steady breathing through my yoga practice. For deep breathing, change to an 8 count, fast and full for a 3 count, or fluctuate in for 5, out for 8.  Or try going for a brisk walk in the bright sunshine. Getting your heart pumping and your lungs expanded will lift your mood.

Whatever way you breathe in your life, you’re more or less attuned to your current situation.

Imagine a warm spring day. The sun is shining on verdant fields, the birds are singing a merry tune, and all manner of sprouts have sprung in a colorful warm palette. Now, breathe this scene into you, the feeling of this is enough and wow, I am thankful for me and my life right now. Each breath is an opportunity to realign with your core values.

Breathing becomes shallow and automatic when we forget ourselves in our minds or on the screen. Remember that life-giving oxygen is the catalyst to a healthy body. Your vibrant spirit will thank you for your kindness to yourself.

What does that have to do with opening your life through your breath? Everything! When you are feeling your full, aligned, ready self, no challenge will be too great to overcome. That’s why, when you are practiced in self-awareness and allowing of the liminal state that deep breathing can bring, you can more easily focus on the positive rather than the negative in your life.

When you breathe your life open, all the best possibilities will begin a natural progression into your life, regularly and joyfully. So take a moment right now, and breathe!

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