Book Progress

Hi all!

Just thought I would let you know that our book is progressing rather well! Starcat and I are writing about 1,000 words each per day – sometimes more, sometimes less. We are, by my estimate, about halfway done the initial writings with some minor editing of those parts already done.

We plan to have the finished manuscript by the end of the year!

We also have a couple prospects for publishers. We plan to finish a version of the first chapter and outline to put out into the world and in front of publishers in the next week or three.

We have not forgotten you! We are quite focused on the book and hope to have an article or whatnot here when we have the focus to do so! :)

We are continuing to grow and expand and explore this great multiverse and look forward to creating more for you soon!

Love and bright blessings!
BlackLion and Starcat