Befriending the Muse: How to Enhance Your Creativity

beachrosesBefriending the Muse: How to Enhance Your Creativity
by Starcat

For all of us creative folk (and yes, I am talking to you!), inspiration is critical. In order for our creative work to flourish, we need to have ideas. Both those big, wow, can’t-get-it-out-of-my-head ideas, and the smaller but equally important ones that help us put the finishing touches on our projects.

Some of us are blessed with an abundance of ideas (sometimes I think I have too many, and need more hours in the day to explore them all), while others must wait patiently for inspiration to strike.

To further complicate things, creativity can ebb and flow like the ocean. Sometimes you might feel like you’re in the midst of the perfect creative storm, with waves of inspiration crashing to the shore. Other times you are lulled in a sleepy inward mode, resting and contemplating. Don’t worry, though – both of these modes are necessary to the creative process.

So, how can you enhance your creativity? How do your encourage unique ideas, make the best of when you’re “on,” and recharge fully when it’s time to rest?

Think about befriending a muse. When you hear the word muse, you might think of the nine traditional Greek muses that inspired the ancient poets. That’s a good start. The muse is experienced differently by each artist, however. You might get in touch with one of the same eternal spirits that inspired the ancients, or perhaps you’re accessing the deepest part of your inner self. Perhaps you’ll work with a spirit guide who helps you on your creative path, or the energies of one of the elements that you call on for inspiration.

The way you view your muse is largely up to you. Be creative (ha, gotcha there!).

How can you invite the muse to join you in your creative endeavors? Here are some suggestions.

Have a ceremony. Outside under the full moon, in your work space with some crystals and Tarot cards, or whatever appeals to you. Find someplace beautiful and solitary. Write a little rhyme asking for the aid of a muse in your work. Or simply quiet your mind and meditate on the type of help you’re seeking.

Show up. Many writers and other artists offer the advice of showing up at the same time each day to create. When you prepare the way, the muse knows where to find you. Sure, some days you might just sit there staring at a blank page, or creating something that you recycle later. But the more often you do this, the more frequently you’ll find yourself in the creative groove.

Be open. If you’re looking for creative ideas, walk through the world with an open heart. Keep an eye out for synchronicities and things that sparkle at you. The muse has a sense of humor, and will often drop something cool into your path when you least expect it.

Give offerings. Share something good with your muse – a piece of chocolate, a bouquet of flowers from the garden, or a song. Don’t feel silly; trust that the intention of delighting your muse will be fulfilled. You don’t need to tell anyone else what you’re up to. This is just between you and the spirits.

Be playful. The cool thing about creativity is that it’s childlike, in the best sense of the word. Why do we create? Why do muses offer us their assistance? Because it feels good! Let yourself be playful in your creative projects, worrying less about the outcome and relishing more in the process. The muses will be pleased.

Leave a comment below and let us know about your experiences befriending your muse!

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