Be Playful

We like to make funny faces at each other, come up with silly songs, and have tickle-fests. Every day, we come up with new ways to enjoy laughter together and share our strange and unusual ideas. Not only is laughter good medicine, but it also increases your creativity. Here are some cool thoughts to help make your day more playful and uplifting:

Make faces at yourself in the mirror. When you brush your teeth, open your eyes really wide. As you comb your hair, scrunch your lips up towards your nose. Keep it up until you giggle aloud.

Do a little dance. Turn on your stereo or headset, crank up the tunes, and dance and whirl. Dance alone or with partners as you raise your spirits through this energetic exercise. Dress up if you feel like it.

Make up “inside” jokes. Find a friend or co-worker with a good sense of humor. Pick a word of the day and do something odd every time someone says it. Try not to laugh out loud. Or create some other fun game that inspires joviality.

Speak with kid voices. Make up a 3- or 4-year old child voice that you act and speak like. Pretend to be young and innocent and see the world with fresh eyes. Get your children to be the mom or dad and turn the tables, just for fun.

Narrate your cooking. As you prepare a meal for yourself or your family, narrate what you’re doing as if you were a chef on a TV show. See how absurd you can be. Talk with a silly accent, crash the pots and pans around, and pretend to add weird ingredients.