Back to Ing

Well, we haven’t really been away from Ing. Not that you could – it just keeps happening and flowing, on and on like that. So, we’re back to the process of describing Ing in our own way. We thought we’d share some of it with you.

“Ing is everywhere!

“On a camping trip near Enchanted Pond in Maine, an appropriate location to have an epiphany, Starcat and BlackLion discovered ing. Ing wasn’t hiding from us, nor was it created when we discovered it. Instead, we let go of old ways of thinking and saw the world anew. We saw a world of change and of an ancient love and knowledge. We discovered that within us, and all things, there was an ever-present love, compassion, and understanding, a connectedness that goes to the very source of our existence. We realized that we are love and that the universe is all one continuous process – everything we can see or imagine is all part of the dance, all moving and constantly recreating itself, all part of ing!”

Meanwhile, BlackLion is chopping up veggies for a delicious salad with his own Goddess-style dressing. There’s a fire ready to be lit in the fire pit, and the Moon is peeking through the trees. The kittens are out enjoying their frolicking, so we’ll leave you to yours.