Appreciating Life’s Cycles

Appreciating Life’s Cycles
by Starcat

We can observe the cycles of life all around us. The seasons change, the weather fluctuates, and the moon goes through its monthly phases. These things are unending, like the ebb and flow of the ocean. Have you noticed your own cycles? Do they fluctuate depending on the time of day, month, or year?

It is a bit easier for women (prior to menopause) to find our regular rhythms, since our bodies follow an obvious monthly cycle. But everyone has their own personal biorhythms. What time of day do you feel at your best? For some, it’s first thing in the morning. Others reach their peak during the day, and night owls feel most productive once the sun has set. What about the bigger-picture cycles of the seasons? Does fall bring you a refreshing energy, or do you start to ease into a quieter, introspective phase as the weather cools down? What about the weather? Are you buoyant on a hot sunny day, or does the heat sap your energy and enthusiasm?

Each person’s experience is different. Sure, we have developed cultural norms for mealtimes and bedtimes, but it’s more important to listen to your own rhythms than to follow what everyone else does. If you pay close attention to your own cycles, you can more easily flow with them. Even if you have a job with inflexible hours, you’ll know when your tendency to get sleepy means you should have a snack or take a brisk walk to re-energize.

Take the time to appreciate your own cycles. Get to know them, while accepting that they will probably change throughout your lifetime. When you become friendly with your personal ebb and flow, then your expectations will be more realistic. You’ll know not to schedule a lot of social events on the new moon, or to expect an influx of energy as summer turns to autumn. You are a part of the natural world, and by working with your unique cycles, you’ll allow yourself to flourish.