An Ever-Learning Spiritual Being

An Ever-Learning Spiritual Being
by BlackLion

One of the things I enjoy most about being a spiritual being is that I learn all the time. Whether I’m in school or college or at work or running my own business as I do now, I learn things every day. I spend much of my time learning about myself through my daily spiritual practices as well as through other people and how I relate to them. I am also expanding what it means to be in a relationship. As I move forward with Feline Dreamers, Starcat, and my personal life, I intend to expand and enjoy the benefits of my spirituality – the unique conglomeration of a myriad of teachers, writings, philosophies, and sciences all blended together with my own intense and singular being.

What I find most fascinating about my life is the increasingly powerful voice within me that wants to share my insights and knowledge with the world. As I expand the many ways I share myself – through face-to-face conversations, e-mail, phone, the Feline Dreamers website, my personal blog, Facebook, Twitter, the dream realms, and out-of-body exploration – I feel an ever-increasing joy and knowing that I am here as an infinite creator wielding my joyous power to bring light, love, and laughter to the world.

What does this mean to you? Well, as I continue to explore who I am and share it through my published works, I hope to raise a spark of knowing inside of you to help you to experience the great joys that are possible by being a spiritual being, consciously creating the life you desire, and expressing yourself in ways you have always dreamed of. My intention has always been, and I am sure Starcat concurs, to help light your path in ways you may never have known possible.

We enjoy bringing you new thoughts and ideas and hope you continue to use us as one of the many resources that are available in this multiverse. Blessings and enjoy!