Amorous, Amorphous Being

Amorous, Amorphous Being
by BlackLion

This journey we find ourselves on is not always easy and clear. We each find ourselves, on occasion, questioning why we are here in the first place. The answer is simple to say, but remembering it and following through with it is the hardest part of living on the physical plane. Love is the answer. Change is the answer.

Both are right in their own way and both are necessary to be a complete being. Loving is the hardest and the easiest thing to do. We have each decided what we Love. Each of us has perhaps chosen Love partners, chosen friends, chosen to create children, chosen a career or vocation, chosen how to spend our free time, and we Love each of these things for our own reasons. The real intention of Loving is finding the things that make us feel happy, and wanting to keep doing those things or spending time with those people.

Love is more than that, though. Love is a way of life, a way to see the world and all it has to offer. The meaning of life is Love and to Love everything. Sure, it sounds all happy and joyous, but really Love can be very difficult to hold onto, because fear and worry and negativity are easier. We can each be afraid of someone for many reasons. Perhaps they are different from us, they have something we desire, they won’t give us what we desire, they try to take things that we believe are ours, and many other ways. Faced with those actions, you can see how hard it is to Love beings that do those things. But really, they are just like you with some minor differences. They have thoughts and feelings and desires and wants and fears and worries and doubts and Love and happiness and sadness and all sorts of emotions. At least recognizing that will aid in Loving everyone.

One step beyond that, if you think about it, is that all things, animate and inanimate, have a sense about them. Many call it anthropomorphism but really it is a sensitivity to the subtleness of existence. Each thing that exists is doing so for a reason of their individual choosing. Each object, whether we consider it sentient or not, has a way about it that expresses itself in this physical plane. Loving each thing is the next step to spiritual growth as a Loving being. Each thing exists to Love and be Loved.

The other part of the answer to life is change. Everything changes, either slowly or quickly, positively or negatively, depending on our perception of it. Everything everywhere is changing into some other thing. Energy is changing from one form into another form. Living cells replicate and grow and die and reform again, slowly aging with each replication. Solar energy turns to heat when absorbed by the skin or the pavement. Change is the key to existence. Being accepting of change is the hard part. I do not want the beings I Love to change and turn to dust or for their cells to stop working, but they will. It is the nature of change. Their cells will be transformed into something else when they die. I will die too one day. That is change and it is the way of things.

The hardest part of our temporary existence on this plane and on our path is to accept change and to become one with change. Our physical manifestations are the choice of our being here and, if we choose, we will reincarnate here in another form, as we desire and as we learn. Learning from change is the greatest skill to have. Learn from mistakes and triumphs, seeing how everything has its day to shine and fade. All the cycles of life manifest everywhere. Life and death are in a continuous balance. The energy of the world is always here and always changing and always returning. It is the nature of the multiverse to change.

The final hardest part of all this is to Love the change and to change how you Love. As we grow and change ourselves, we must continuously change our Love and expressions of Love. Since everything changes relative to who you are and to other beings or things, the Love of each of those must also change. Acceptance of this will allow the Love you have for yourself and all things to manifest itself naturally. You cannot Love something as it was; you cannot Love someone for who they were. You can only Love someone or something for who they are now: the ever-changing being.

Here I will introduce the concept of ING. Each beING or thING has this inherent property of ING. It is a manifestation of the energy of existence and non-existence, the infinite energy and thoughts and ideas of the multiverse. Since all things are processing, they can never be static. Everything is INGing. Loving, living, dying, laughing, crying, walking, talking, singing, drumming, growing, shrinking, spinning, shining, shimmering, killing, eating, sleeping, yawning, sitting, standing, exchanging, sharing, hoarding, collecting, jumping, flying, floating, swimming, breathing, stinging, playing, giggling, hurting, suffering, decaying, being, thinking, dreaming and a list of other INGing that is impossible for me to detail here. I can only give you a small portion of what the multiverse is possibly doING.

The theme of this article is about being an amorous, amorphous being. You must, ultimately, realize that to live is to Love. Really being IS Loving. Also, being IS changing. You are never the same being from moment to moment because you change with each input you receive: every word you read, every sound you hear, every thought you think and every move you make. Please realize that everything you are and everything you do is a continuous process. Change is Love, Love is change, and every possible combination of those.

So please, for your own sake and the sake of every other ING: Love yourself, Love every ING and Love the changes that each ING can bring to you and that you bring to ING. The multiverse is experiencing itself through you and how you interact with each other part of the multiverse experiencing itself. We are all in this together. We are all the Divine ING and we are experiencing ourselves through all of our manifestations. Loving each other is Loving ourselves. Accepting our changing nature is Loving the changes we create within each other and ourselves and every ING we interact with.

May your INGing bring more Love and more change and as many blessings as you wish to manifest! Blessings and bless INGs!