All About the BUT Word

Nothing can stop your momentum in manifestation like the BUT word. It’s that subtle little word that can change the driver of your life from listening to spirit to listening to your gremlins. It often happens when you are flying high, thinking of all the great things you want to have in your life, and then that word shows up like a needle popping your balloon.

Abraham-Hicks has a game they call “Wouldn’t it be nice if?” This game involves saying that phrase and adding a subject or focus about what you want to manifest, like “Wouldn’t it be nice if… I got some fabulous new clients?” It’s light and as a question doesn’t usually bring up those gnarly thoughts in your head.

Saying the BUT word after a phrase is more like playing the “What is” game, like “Wouldn’t it be nice if… I got some fabulous new clients, BUT I don’t know how to do it. BUT I don’t have any clients right now. BUT I have a bill to pay next week and I really, really need a new client. BUT [insert some sort of excuse here].”

Now, it is true that the word BUT can be used positively, sorta, but that involves starting with a negative thought and then changing it to its opposite with the BUT word. Not recommended to start there if you are already feel good, however, you can use it to better your mood. Like: “I don’t have any clients right now, BUT I am utilizing this new Law of Attraction practice to make it work for me.” 

Yeah, a little clunky, BUT sometimes if you are in a low vibe space it can be a useful “turn of phrase.”

So many spiritual or aware folks who are still growing and expanding on this new path can get stuck in old patterns by negating, essentially, what they are wanting by using the BUT word in their conversations. “I feel so empowered, BUT I get so tired of hearing all the negative news. I am so thankful, BUT I really wish my partner would stop being so annoying sometimes. I am aligned with source, BUT I haven’t manifested that thing I want so much!”

So next time you catch yourself saying the BUT word, let it be known that you don’t have to. Honestly, just let your first positive phrase be enough, and let those stuck-type thoughts go. Anyone with a dog knows that once they are off their leash they will feel so much freer and happier. So let your BUT leash go and set yourself free…

… BUT don’t just take our word for it.

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