About Your Life 2019

No matter what you hear from the trumped-up news or via that “Negative Nelly” friend of yours, you’re doing pretty darn good right now. Yes, of course, everything could get better, but leave that to everything else for a change. Instead, be the best you that your life could hope for.

Step into new frontiers with bravery and intention. Choose to take care of your physical form as well as your mental and spiritual realms. Forgive yourself for never getting it done; just keep taking inspired steps along the way.

Wherever the jungle path may lead you, at least you’re willing to make an investment in curiosity. What’s behind that next corner, or in the next bush, or coming right toward you that you’ve been too busy to look for? Oh yeah, it’s your life waiting to happen, just for you!

And when you aren’t a willing participant in “Your Life 2019,” then what’s the hold up?

Maybe Nelly really does think I should stay home instead of going out to meet a handsome stranger. Perhaps life really does suck. Look at how terrible the world is becoming. What’s the point of making my life better if anyone else is still suffering?

If it is your highest calling right now to address what is tugging at your heart, then please, please go for it. We truly need champions of every kind, every day. Just remember to fill your cup first, or to put on your oxygen mask first for those sudden dips in life. Because that’s just what is needed to make the rest of your plans to save the world happen more easefully, gracefully, and with vivacity.

Plus, you’ll gain traction towards your intentions and maintain grounding in your own spiritual purpose.

About Your Life 2019: It’s up to You!

Remember to stay hydrated, eat plenty of nutritious foods, get lots of rest and play, and of course, do what is most calling your life forward into this new year. Trust yourself and the gifts of the Universe as you stay in alignment and gain greater clarity into your life’s purpose.

Blessed Be!


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