A Twitter Faerie Tale

Over the past couple of weeks, we decided to experiment with our Twitter account by creating a faerie tale in daily installments. We were limited to 140 characters or so for each tweet, and we posted once per day, leaving off at an enticing part of a sentence. We also appealed to the imagination of the readers, and received some creative input through our Facebook page, where our daily tweets are also posted.

Since our Feline Dreamers mission statement is “lighting the way with love, laughter, and faeries,” we decided to write about the intersection of the fae and human realms. It’s something we’ve chosen to focus on in our own spiritual work together, and we find writing about it to be fun and whimsical. Our Faerie Tidings columns for the EarthTides Pagan Network’s newsletter are similar in tone and intent.

We didn’t really know where the story was going at first, and we usually wrote two or three entries in a row, or just one for that day if we were particularly busy. The process was interesting because we couldn’t go back and edit the posts we’d already made – we had to go with what we’d already written.

Here is our first Twitter faerie tale in its entirety:

Tromping through the thick woods, yet again, is a joy. The occasional burr and bramble is a small price to pay for another glimpse of the faerie glen, deep in the Elder Forest. Before long, we would arrive and see our beloved friends and kin. The Queen would process in just a few hours and we should take our places before she does.

With quick steps and a jump over a small stream, we sprint up the last hill and can see the clearing below us. The festive colors and jaunty music dazzle our senses. Look! Here come the wood nymphs mounted on majestic badgers! And a whole battalion of Spider Riders! Folk from all over the realm wait to hear the Queen’s announcement of her plans to wed.

Rumors are flying as we make our way to the heavily laden feast tables. We hear that she may marry a troll, a merman, or perhaps one of her distant cousins from the far mountains. We choose ruby goblets and fill them with rose wine as trumpets sound out, announcing the arrival of Her Majesty.

We assemble along the edge of the deep forest glen as she arrives atop a great golden dragon. Its purple eyes look at each of us in turn with elegant benevolence. Our Queen, draped with delicate petals and vivid silks, takes her throne to make her big proclamation.

After greetings, she tells the assembled host that she chooses to wed…a human mortal from Earth. The crowd gasps in shock and our titters of glee sound out in contrast. When the murmurs subside, the Queen invites us to step forward to speak on behalf of the mortal realm. Our work to unite the realms is coming to fruition within her smile!