A New Adventure

A New Adventure

Last week we had the inspiration to start a new online community. When we’d redesigned our website last summer, we had in mind that we might want, at some point, to add a forum or bulletin board, a place where spiritually-minded folks could interact with one another. But we weren’t sure if that was where it was at in terms of online communication. We also started a Facebook page for Feline Dreamers, and while it’s a good place for us to share our inspirations, it doesn’t seem to be a place for open conversation.

So we started a new Yahoo group, an e-mail list, called “Making Your Life a Masterpiece.” And it seems to be filling a need. The community is at about two dozen and growing, and the conversations are blossoming. We were away from computers for part of the weekend, and were delighted to discover, when we returned, that the discussion had been happily proceeding without us! Here’s our description of the group’s purpose, although of course it will evolve based on the needs and desires of those participating.

“Making Your Life A Masterpiece” is a place for those of us who are following our own unique joyful spiritual paths. Living consciously is a creative journey. You are the artist, and life is your palette!

We share our thoughts, ideas, tools, quotes, and other resources. We give and receive feedback on our day-to-day challenges and triumphs. We help inspire each other to new heights. We create space to unite our strengths and work together on projects. We help each other brainstorm new ideas and creations. We share our energies, and have lots of fun in the process! Everyone has something to offer.

Come on in and join the party! Live the life you’ve intended for yourself and your loved ones, while celebrating with friends in a spiritual community that values reverence and mirth. Let’s create!

We hope you’ll come on and join us! Here’s how to sign up: http://groups.yahoo.com/group/makingyourlifeamasterpiece