A Message from Gaia

A Message from Gaia
by BlackLion

Blessings to you my children as you walk and crawl on my body. You are loved beyond measure and I am thankful for your gifts to all. Please know that even when you feel lost, afraid, or alone, I am here with you always. I share my bounty and receive all that you offer.

A thought for you to ponder while you are living and breathing: with your next moment, choose something that feels better than the last. Each thought and action that you offer is a testament to who you have become. When you are joyful, you share more joy. When you feel sorrow, you simply delay the joy that you want to feel in those moments. Delay no longer and feel good now. All fears melt away in the light of love.

I will always be here to support your every efforts. I am a part of all that you do: creation and destruction, transformation and stagnation, love and fear, each an aspect of the other. One connected with our combined uplifting energies, the other masking such energies with old ways and others’ ideas of who you are. You are doing nothing wrong. You are an infinite creator and I am blessed to have you here and now in this eternal moment. Blessings unto you my children.

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