A Leap of Faith

A Leap of Faith
by Starcat

Yesterday we were planning out the things we want to share this week through Feline Dreamers’ Facebook and Twitter pages. Lately we’ve been choosing a weekly theme and then elaborating on it day by day. We decided to share some ideas about how each moment’s thoughts and actions build, step by step, to help you attain a goal. Our main idea is that if you are able to hold a clear vision of a particular goal when making a decision, having a thought, or choosing an action, then you are well on the way to reaching that goal.

As we jotted down our ideas, there was a point where my thoughts and BlackLion’s thoughts on our topic diverged. I wrote “once you know where you are going, then you can map out your trail,” while his way of seeing it was not to worry about each upcoming step, but rather to “focus on the present moment, knowing that the future will be taken care of when you get there.”

Each person’s spiritual path is unique, so there is no one answer that is “correct.” However, the things I’ve been studying lately have pointed to the wisdom of living in the moment, holding your vision, and letting the “cursed hows,” as Mike Dooley calls them, take care of themselves. Intellectually and philosophically, I have embraced this concept and see how it can be effective.

Yet when faced with the idea of not mapping out the path to where I wish to go, part of me felt panic and worry. It was the part of my personality that likes to know what’s coming, what I’ll need to do next, and what I’ll need to do after that, et cetera. But that’s a limiting way to do things, because under that model, I’ll only pursue those actions that I already know about. What about being open to inspiration and intuition? Those are things that come to us more readily when we are an open slate, without a plan already pre-written.

I’m not yet sure how well this new technique will work for me, but I’m going to stop trying to keep such tight control. I will refine my goals, use tools such as visualization to hold my intentions in my mind, then let go and see what happens. It’s scary venturing out into the unknown, but life is an adventure and I’m here to learn. Holding the vision and letting the actions come to life in the moment is an act of trust and faith in the universe, and in myself. Ultimately, I’m sure I’ll find the balance that’s right for me.