A Faerie Photo Shoot: Cultivating Self-Love

On a beautiful summer day, we set out to do a photo shoot for the cover of Starcat’s new book, Cultivating Self-Love: Your Path to Wholeness. BlackLion’s mom was our amazing photographer, though you won’t see her image here as she stayed firmly behind the camera.

We started off at Snell’s Family Farm in Buxton, Maine. As you can see, we had an amazing concept in mind.
BlackLion's vision

Starcat carefully adjusted our model, ElvenTiger, just so.
Starcat and ElvenTiger

We got some great shots in the sunflower field. Here is one of them.
Sunflower Girl

Next we went to Shaw’s Ridge Farm in Sanford, Maine.
Shaw's Ridge Farm

They have gorgeous gardens. Though gusts of wind would make a sail of ElvenTiger’s hat.
ElvenTiger in Flowers

When we were done, Starcat treated everyone to ice cream cones.
ElvenTiger Eating Ice Cream

Starcat says yum.
Starcat Eating Ice Cream

BlackLion was apparently very hungry for his ice cream. Nom nom.
BlackLion Eating Ice Cream

Our talented photographer had fun taking some artistic shots of our lovely model.
ElvenTiger Sepia

After a long photo shoot, ElvenTiger was worn right out!
ElvenTiger Falling Down

If you want to see the final results on the cover of the book, come visit Starcat’s Corner.

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