6 Penetrating Questions About Your Relationship With Nature

fd141029nature6 Penetrating Questions About Your Relationship With Nature
by BlackLion

Most of the time, we don’t really think about our relationship with the environment and the beings surrounding us each and every day. The air you breathe, the food you eat, and the people you share your time with are fundamental aspects of your connection to the rest of the world. Perhaps it’s time to rev up your love life with Mother Gaia with these titillating questions. Are you ready?

1. When was the last time you were wowed by the world?

Life can seem dull and repetitive unless you infuse it with the elixir of plant and animal companions, a scintillating sunrise, or a breath of crisp, fresh air. What grandeur have you witnessed? Perhaps splendid mountains majesty or crashing waves upon granite cliffs. A view from five thousand feet high or beneath the dark, thriving ocean.

2. How have you been seduced by the fragrances on the breeze?

Lilacs in the spring, apples ripe on the branch, or a waft of your favorite perfume. When next you roam outdoors, take a sniff in the air and see what you may find. At least look forward to the aroma of a savory meal, the fragrance of a bouquet of roses, or the scent of a baby’s soft skin.

3. Who embodies your connection with the natural world?

Think back to your childhood and find out who was your greatest mentor for your connection to the outdoors. Perhaps you remember the joy you felt with your grandmother in her cherished gardens, with blooms, fruits, and vegetables galore. A walk with your mother along a path in the woods where you held hands and reveled in seeing the wildlife dancing among the trees. Who elicits a deep connection to life force?

4. What about nature invigorates your sense of wonder?

The world is a fascinating, and as far as we know, unique place in the universe. Our little blue sapphire in the darkness of space has windswept mountain peaks, vast salt water oceans and a massive variety of animals, plants, and people. Are you awe-struck by the a magnificent sunrise or sunset, the affection between a cat and her kittens, or the majesty of the wilds in a national park?

5. Where can you find a sense of tranquility?

Looking down upon a verdant vale, dancing in a sudden rain shower, or sunning yourself at the beach can be ways to feel connected to your inner self while communing with Nature. Simply taking a walk in the forest can align your energies with that of the rest of the world. Where do you find union with All-That-Is?

6. Why aren’t you outside right now?

Knowing all the benefits of being connected with Nature, why do you spend most of your time indoors? Sure, you can find simple comforts inside, yet you’ll miss out on the most amazing energies ever-present outside. Make a vow to increase your face time with Mother Earth and all her wondrous children – including yourself!

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