2013: It’s an Inside Job


2013: It’s an Inside Job
by Starcat

Since the return of the light at the Winter Solstice, I’ve been feeling the increased energies of humanity’s awakening consciousness. There is a spark inside each of us, the longing to express our deepest selves, our creativity, our bright beacon of light. To be of service to the world and to one another, using our natural talents and gifts. To be joyfully alive, here on the Earth. Are you feeling it?

If not, it’s easy to tune in. Simply pause, relax, and listen. Your inner wisdom is there for you all the time. When you get quiet, you can hear it in your breathing, in your heartbeat, in the whispers often hidden beneath the mind’s surface chatter. Your inner truths are unique to you.

When I go deep and listen, exploring what I wish to create this year, the messages I’m hearing are all about feeling good. My desires for 2013 – to connect with family and friends, create financial stability, play music, dance, sell my book, write another one – are secondary. The way to get there, my soul whispers to me, is to practice feeling good. Whatever happens, find the blessings. Give thanks. Live joyfully in each moment.

It may seem utopian or out-of-reach, but why not try it? As you travel through your day, connect with your deep self. You can get back to your center with intentional breathing, a quiet moment for reflection, or just putting your hand over your heart and feeling what is happening for you right now. What are you feeling? Acknowledge it, then ask yourself: What is beautiful in this very moment? What feels right?

Follow this new line of thought until it brings you to a better feeling. Smile. Think of someone or something you love. Then, from this moment, find an inspired action. It can be very simple: a word of thanks or a cup of tea.

Rather than striving towards your goals, prepare the way for them, starting with your inner being. Life doesn’t have to be difficult; it can be so full and rewarding, starting right where you are. Don’t wait until some external condition is met to become happy. Learn to be happy first, as you create space for all your dreams to come true.

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